Turquoise Stone: Benefits & Healing Properties

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Turquoise is a beautiful stone that comes with many benefits โ€“ from providing courage and strength to calming emotions and promoting healing. Whether you use it for its aesthetic appeal or rely on its healing properties, turquoise is a powerful crystal that can bring great joy and positive energy into your life. 

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Turquoise Crystal General Specifications

๐Ÿ”ฎ StoneTurquoise
๐ŸŒˆ ColorsBlue, Indigo
๐Ÿฆ‚ Compatible ZodiacsAquarius, Pisces, Scorpio, Sagittarius
๐Ÿง˜ Compatible ChakrasHeart, Third Eye, Throat
๐ŸŒ Origin CountriesChile, China, Egypt, Iran, Mexico, Turkey, USA
๐Ÿ”จ Hardness5-6
๐Ÿช Ruling PlanetNeptune, Venus
๐Ÿ”ฅ ElementsAir, Earth, Fire
๐Ÿงน CleaningBreath, Larger stone, Smoke (Smudging), Sound, Visualization
๐Ÿ™ VibesCourage and strength, Love, Protection, Relieves stress, Serenity

What Is Turquoise Stone?

Turquoise is a blue-green mineral composed of copper and aluminum. Its name comes from the French word for “Turkish” because it was originally mined in Turkey centuries ago. The color of turquoise ranges from sky blue to greenish-blue and its texture is usually smooth or waxy. Turquoise is often used in jewelry โ€“ it’s said to bring good luck and fortune!

  • The color of the stone is determined by the amount of copper in it โ€“ more copper will result in a bluer stone, while less copper will create a greener-hued turquoise.
  • Today, turquoise stone can be found all over the world, but many of the finest specimens are still sourced from mines in Asia and South America.
  • Turquoise stones often have attractive veining or webbing, which is known as matrix.
  • Matrix adds to the beauty and uniqueness of turquoise stones, making each one special. 
  • It’s also popular for other decorative items such as pottery, statues, and carvings.

The Benefits Of Using Turquoise Crystals

  • Courage and Strength: Turquoise is known to bring courage, strength, and protection. It helps the wearer stand up for themselves in challenging situations, as well as offer emotional support when needed. Its protective energy helps ward off negative thoughts and energies while encouraging trust in oneself and oneโ€™s intuition.
  • Love: Turquoise has a calming, soothing energy that can bring love and peace into our lives. Itโ€™s a stone of compassion and understanding, which can help us open up to others and strengthen our relationships.
  • Communication: The throat chakra is associated with the power of communication, and turquoise helps us find the right words to express our needs and desires. It can also aid in improving communication between others, helping us to bridge gaps of misunderstanding and create more meaningful connections.
  • Healing: Turquoise has a long history of being used for its healing properties. Its calming energy helps alleviate physical and emotional pain, as well as reduce anxiety and stress. Itโ€™s also thought to help detoxify the body and boost the immune system.
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What is Turquoise Stone Good For?

Turquoise protects negative energy and purifies the aura, allowing for spiritual awareness and growth. It is a great stone for anyone looking to reduce anxiety, bring clarity to their life, or simply add some positive energy to their everyday routine. Through its calming and soothing properties, turquoise can also bring peace of mind.

  • Turquoise can help to restore physical and emotional balance while calming the spirit. 
  • It can also help to promote communication and balance emotions, allowing us to stay grounded during difficult times.

How to Use Turquoise Stone For Healing?

  • Wear it as Jewelry: Wearing turquoise as jewelry is a great way to keep its protective and healing energy close by. It can help protect you from negative energies, encourage communication, and provide courage and strength when needed.
  • Place it in Your Home: Placing turquoise stones throughout your home โ€“ whether on the mantel, in windowsills, or other areas โ€“ can help to bring positive energy into the space. It will also create a sense of calm and balance.
  • Meditate with It: To maximize the healing benefits of turquoise, incorporate it into your meditation practice. Hold a stone in your hand or place one near you to help enhance your practice and enjoy its calming energy.
  • Use it for Decorations: From pottery to statues, there are many ways to incorporate turquoise into home decor. Its beauty makes it a great addition to any space and its healing properties can help create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Overall, turquoise is a beautiful and powerful stone that can help bring balance and harmony into our lives. With its protective and healing properties, it can be used in many different ways to bring joy and peace into your life. Whether you wear it as jewelry or add it to home decor, turquoise can help create an atmosphere of relaxation and protection.

How To Tell If Turquoise Is Real?

Original turquoise is quite easily identified due to its distinct color. Depending on the type of stone, the original turquoise will range from sky blue and white shades to a deep greenish blue. It also contains webbing or matrix, which is black or brown veins running through it.

  • Fake turquoise usually lacks this matrix and often has a bright blue color that is too uniform.
  • Additionally, if it feels unusually light for its size, this could be an indication of fake turquoise.

What Is The Compatible Chakra With Turquoise?

Turquoise is most closely associated with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. It can help open up communication pathways in the Third Eye Chakra and reduce stress in the Throat Chakra, allowing one to speak truthfully without fear of judgment. By bringing balance to these two chakras, turquoise helps create harmony within our minds and souls.

  • Additionally, turquoise is believed to stimulate and heal the heart chakra, helping to bring positive energy into our lives.
  • It can also provide spiritual guidance and protection from negative forces.
  • By using turquoise during meditation practices or in everyday life, one can find inner peace and become more attuned to their higher purpose.

Who Should Wear a Turquoise Stone?

Anyone can wear it! Turquoise is an incredibly powerful and versatile stone that offers many physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Its connection to the Third Eye and Throat Chakras makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to open up their communication pathways and find peace within themselves.

Whether you wear it as jewelry, place it in your home, meditate with it, or use it for decorations, turquoise can help bring balance and harmony into your life.

Is Turquoise Stone Harmful?

The Turquoise stone has no known harmful or toxic properties. For this reason, you can use it safely by contacting your skin. If you have the Turquoise stone in small pieces, we recommend that you keep it safely, as there is a risk of it being swallowed by children and pets.

How to Identify the Original Turquoise Stone?

The most reliable way to understand whether the Turquoise stone is real is to evaluate it in a laboratory. We recommend that you buy Turquoise stone from a reliable and reputable dealer, as this is often a laborious and expensive way. Do not forget to look up the product reviews of the brand you are going to buy!

Customers who have purchased Turquoise stone usually try to find out if the stone is fake by heating it or soaking it in water, but we do not recommend it because these methods can spoil the chemical structure of the Turquoise stone. The best way to tell if Turquoise is genuine is to take a MOHS hardness measurement. Thus, you can reach the hardness level of the stone and easily understand whether the Turquoise stone is real. While purchasing your stone, you can request a hardness measurement.

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Who Can Wear Turquoise Stone? Best Compatible Zodiac Signs With Turquoise

These zodiac signs can wear Turquoise stones:

What Are The Best Compatible Chakras With Turquoise Stone?

If you are interested in chakra enhancement Turquoise can help you. Here are the chakras that are compatible with the Turquoise crystal:

  • Heart Chakra
  • Third Eye Chakra
  • Throat Chakra

Which is the ruling planet of Turquoise Crystal?

Every sign has a planet, and every planet has a healing crystal that symbolizes it. The ruling planet of Turquoise is consideredย Neptune and Venus.

What Are The Most Known Benefits Of Turquoise Stone?

The Turquoise natural stone has many benefits. The most well-known Turquoise stone benefits are as follows:

  • Courage and strength
  • Love
  • Protection
  • Relieves stress
  • Serenity

How To Clean Turquoise Stone? Turquoise Care and Cleaning Guide

If you use your Turquoise stone regularly, you must clean (neutralize) it at regular intervals. The cleaning method of each natural stone may be different, some methods may damage your stone. Here are the cleaning methods for the Turquoise stone:

Breathโœ…45 sec
Larger stoneโœ…24 hrs
Smoke (Smudging)โœ…30-60 sec
Soundโœ…5-10 min
Visualizationโœ…1-2 min

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