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Updated: 1/20/2023

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What is Rose Quartz (or Pink Quartz) Stone?

Rose quartz stone is one of the most known natural stones in the quartz family. This natural stone, which can be found in many shades of pink, impresses with its translucent transparency and glassy shine. Known as the stone of universal love and love, this stone is not only associated with love and affection for others, but also with self-love and inner peace.

What is the Meaning of Rose Quartz Stone?

Rose quartz takes its name from the pale pink tone of its color and the Greek word Hyalos, meaning glass. Like the worldโ€™s oldest and most revered stones, rose quartz has been handed down from generation to generation as precious jewels, decoration objects. To ensure peace and tranquility in ancient Greece; It is known to be used in ancient Egypt to prevent signs of aging and to preserve beauty and youth. There are also myths that Eros created pink quartz and gifted it to all humanity, as he believed that pink stimulates beautiful feelings such as love and affection in peopleโ€™s hearts.

How is Rose Quartz Stone Formed?

Like other quartz group stones, pink quartz was formed as a result of magma crystallization. As magma cools, it causes some elements and minerals to purify and others to bond together. Silicon mixes with oxygen and begins to form a quartz crystal. As the magma continues to cool, the quartz crystal continues to grow as more silicon and oxygen combine. It gets its pink color from the borisilicate mineral. For this reason, it shows a hazy and translucent structure. (Applin and Hicks, 1987; Goreva et al, 2001; Ma et al, 2002)

Where to Find Pink Quartz Stone?

There are pink quartz stone deposits in many parts of the world. A lot of pink quartz is mined in India, Brazil, Madagascar and Uruguay, which are especially rich in volcanic rocks.

What Should Be Considered When Buying Rose Quartz?

As the name suggests, Rose Quartz is best known for its pink color. This can range from very pale pink or deep to watermelon color. It is often confused with stones sold under different names such as strawberry quartz and rose quartz. A genuine and quality rose quartz stone does not have a super bright or garish color. It is commonly known as a translucent stone. There may be a hazy or grainy color transition. Rose quartz stone can be found in many different forms, processed or in raw mass. You should choose the form that suits you best according to your usage criteria. While mass forms are preferred for decoration, pyramid or oval forms can be preferred for energy studies.

How to Identify Genuine (Real) Rose Quartz?

The most reliable way to find out if rose quartz is real is to have it evaluated by an expert. As this is often a laborious and expensive way, we recommend that you buy rose quartz from a trusted and reputable seller. It should be pretty hard as it is rated 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. You can request a hardness measurement when purchasing your stone. In addition, by visual inspection, you can tell if rose quartz is real. Rose quartz stone has shades of pink that go from pale to bright. There are no bubbles, bubbles and veins in real rose quartz. It generally has a translucent and permeable surface.

What are the Features and Benefits of Rose Quartz Stone?

  • It restores trust and harmony in relationships by promoting unconditional love.
  • It promotes love, self-love, friendship, inner healing and feelings of peace.
  • By purifying the emotions, it heals and opens the heart on all levels.
  • It is calming and reassuring. It helps comfort in times of grief.
  • It removes negativity and instead gives loving vibrations.
  • It promotes self-forgiveness and acceptance by promoting self-confidence and self-worth.
  • It radiates a strong feminine energy.

How to Use Rose Quartz Stone?


If you want to attract lots of love, joy, and grace of self-healing, wear rose quartz in the form of jewelry and touch it with your skin. You can wear a rose quartz bracelet or a rose quartz necklace to attract the feminine energy it emits into your life.


Rose quartz is a popular crystal used in Feng Shui. Usually, it is recommended to place it in a special place in your bedroom, as this is the most vulnerable area where you can experience romantic concepts of love. Apart from the bedroom, you can also place the crystal in the middle of the hall โ€“ here it will radiate positive energy and pure love to all who enter your home.

Skin care

Rose quartz stone has long been associated with the world of beauty. It is a preferred crystal in aging treatments, especially from Ancient Egypt. If you want to incorporate rose quartz into your beauty routine, leave the tumbled rose quartz stone with drinking water, a handful of rose petals and rose water in a bowl or jar overnight in a moonlit place. Then you can pour it into a spray bottle and apply it to your skin as a tonic in the morning and evening.

How to Clean Rose Quartz Stone?

All natural stones need to be cleaned at certain intervals in order to preserve their energy, shine and sparkle. You can decide on energy cleaning according to the frequency of use. We recommend that you neutralize your stone after each session, especially if you use it for meditation and energy work. If you keep it in the light of the full moon for 1 night after doing one of the procedures below, you can use the moonโ€™s energy more efficiently.

  • Soak in running water for 1-2 minutes
  • Soak in salt water for half an hour
  • Waiting for 1 night by burying in the ground
  • Cleaning with incense smoke
  • Soak 1 night next to a larger crystal

Is Rose Quartz Stone Washable?

You can safely wash the rose quartz stone in running water, but we do not recommend keeping it in water for a long time so that water molecules do not enter through possible cracks and damage it. You may not want direct contact with water to prevent the chain and connection points from darkening, especially when used as a necklace or accessory.

What Chakras Are Compatible with Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz is compatible with the heart chakra. The heart chakra represents your ability to love unconditionally and accept others. When the heart chakra is weak or low, you feel stressed, jealous, and anxious. Especially if you often have problems in your relationship, if you have a thought that you are disconnected from your loved ones, you can balance your heart chakra by working with pink quartz stone. Rose Quartz is often used in chakra work to help the heart heal from pain or trauma from deep emotional wounds. You can review our blog posts to learn more about chakras and chakra stones.

What are the Zodiac Signs Compatible with Rose Quartz?

Of course, other zodiac signs can also use this natural stone, which is compatible with Taurus and Libra. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus (just like Rose Quartz). Venus is a planet known for its themes of beauty, love, pleasure and comfort of the heart. This is exactly why they are the perfect match for Taurus. Rose quartz is also known as the birthstone of Libra. Libras work on balancing their emotions all their lives without realizing it, rose quartz is a wonderful stone that can be a companion to this balancing process. Remember, each sign has one or more natural stones associated with it, depending on its planet. You can discover more birthstones from the natural stone guide we have prepared for you.

Where to Buy Rose Quartz Stone?

You can buy rose quartz stone from different natural stone stores. As Hello Minaste, we offer you the most preferred pink quartz stones from Uruguay and Brazil with free delivery option. If you wish, you can take it in the form of an energy tower and use it in your meditation studies, or you can enrich your home decoration by taking it in the form of a mass. Donโ€™t forget to review our accessories category for necklace and bracelet models!

Is Rose Quartz Stone Harmful?

Rose quartz stone consists of silicon and oxygen. While silicon can be considered a toxic substance when taken into the body in very large quantities, this is unlikely to happen with rose quartz. For this reason, pink quartz stone is not a harmful or toxic stone and can be used safely. We recommend keeping small natural stones carefully so that they are not swallowed by pets or babies.

Why Are Rose Quartz Stones White?

Since rose quartz stone comes in a wide variety of hues, it can sometimes appear white in color while being very pale pink. In this case, it is often confused with crystal quartz, but crystal quartz stone has a more transparent and veined structure. If the rose quartz you purchased has turned white over time, it may have been exposed to too much sunlight or heat. We recommend that you leave it in a shaded place when not in use to preserve its pink tone. You can safely use the rose quartz you bought for decoration purposes for a long time by removing it from the edge of the glass.

Fall in Love with Rose Quartz?

Those who want to attract more love into their life can often hear the name of rose quartz. Love in the spiritual world is not just romantic love. When viewed from a deeper and larger perspective, it can contain many meanings such as self-love, love of nature, and love of people. It triggers a deeper sense of compassion. For this reason, if you want to fall in love with rose quartz and attract love to yourself, the most important resource is yourself. With your rose quartz stone, you can prepare your aura for love by working on self-love and reconciliation with yourself. Remember, natural stones only support the energy flow in the life of their users/carriers.

How to Perform a Love Ritual with Rose Quartz Stone?

The first step of the love ritual begins with self-love. Start your day with a self-love ritual to wrap your body with loving energy. Go to a quiet place where you can focus. Take the pink quartz stone in your actively used hand. Focus on breathing deeply. Loudly, โ€œI choose love/ I am whole and I love myself.โ€ say. Say this affirmation as many times as you need to, until your heart and mind feel that these words are true.

Before going to bed in the evening, lie down on your bed, a yoga mat or any flat surface and set an 11-minute timer. Put your rose quartz over your heart, close your eyes and just breathe. Imagine that you are loved in your heart and soul and that love is the foundation of everything. Visualize disappointments or negative emotions you experienced during the day. Review your relationships, be it bilateral, work or family relationships. Imagine that the problems leave your body by turning into green or pink colors and you accept your life with everything. Doing this every night removes the negative energy accumulated during the day and opens a clean slate for you to start over the next day.

When you love yourself and your body, the universe will bring you eternal love. Remember, love is only as far away as you put it!

What is Rose Quartz Stone Price Range?

The price of pink quartz stone varies according to color, purity and size, just like other natural stones. To purchase pink quartz jewelry and pink quartz chakra stones with affordable prices starting from 75 TL and free shipping option, you can visitย

Tips on Rose Quartz Stone

  • Chakras: Heart Chakra
  • Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Libra
  • Planet โ€“ Venus
  • Element โ€“ Earth, Water
  • Numerical Vibration: 7
  • Typical colors: Rose pink

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