Fluorite Crystal: Benefits & Healing Properties

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Updated: 1/20/2023

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Fluorite Crystal Overview

Fluorite is a stunning mineral that has been used for centuries for its unique beauty and powerful energy. It is a popular choice for jewelry, home dรฉcor, and spiritual practices, due to its vibrant colors and ability to bring positive energy and balance into a personโ€™s life. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the meaning of Fluorite, its healing properties, and its everyday uses, so that you can fully understand this fascinating mineral.

raw fluorite crystal different color

Understanding the Meaning of Fluorite

Fluorite is a highly sought-after mineral that is known for its beauty and energy. It is often referred to as โ€œthe Rainbow Keeper,โ€ as it comes in a variety of colors including green, purple, blue, yellow, and more. The name Fluorite is derived from the Latin word โ€œfluo,โ€ which means โ€œto flow.โ€ This refers to the mineralโ€™s ability to enhance the flow of positive energy in a personโ€™s life.

What Is Fluorite Good For?

Fluorite is believed to bring balance and harmony to its owner, helping to calm the mind and body. It is also thought to help one understand the truth in any situation, making it a popular choice for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. Additionally, Fluorite is believed to have powerful protective properties, helping to shield a person from negative energies and emotions.

blue fluorite crystal on hand raw stone

The Healing Properties of Fluorite

Fluorite is a powerful healing stone that is often used in holistic medicine and spiritual practices. Its energy is believed to help balance and harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. Here are some of the key healing properties of Fluorite:

  • Stress relief: Fluorite is known for its ability to calm the mind and reduce stress. Its energy is believed to help one relax and let go of worries, allowing for a more peaceful state of mind.

  • Pain relief: Fluorite is said to have pain-relieving properties, making it an effective tool for managing physical pain and discomfort.

  • Improved concentration: Fluorite is believed to help improve focus and concentration, making it an excellent choice for those who struggle with staying focused on tasks.

  • Boosts the immune system: Fluorite is believed to help boost the immune system, helping to protect the body from illness and disease.

yellow cubic fluorite crystal

The Everyday Uses of Fluorite

Fluorite is a versatile mineral that can be used in a variety of ways in your everyday life. Here are some of the most popular ways to incorporate Fluorite into your life:

  • Jewelry: Fluorite is a popular choice for jewelry due to its stunning colors and energy. Wearing Fluorite jewelry can help bring balance and harmony to your life, as well as protect you from negative energies.

  • Home dรฉcor: Fluorite can be used in home dรฉcor as well, adding a pop of color and positive energy to any room. Place a Fluorite crystal in your home or office to bring balance and peace to your space.

  • Meditative practices: Fluorite is often used in meditative practices, such as yoga and mindfulness, to help calm the mind and bring peace to the body.

  • Energy healing: Fluorite is a powerful energy stone that is often used in energy healing practices, such as Reiki, to help balance and harmonize the bodyโ€™s energy.

Is Fluorite Stone Harmful?

The Fluorite stone has no known harmful or toxic properties. For this reason, you can use it safely by contacting your skin. If you have the Fluoriteย  stone in small pieces, we recommend that you keep it safely, as there is a risk of it being swallowed by children and pets.

How to Identify the Original Fluorite Stone?

The most reliable way to understand whether the Fluorite stone is real is to evaluate it in a laboratory. We recommend that you buy Fluorite stone from a reliable and reputable dealer, as this is often a laborious and expensive way. Do not forget to look up the product reviews of the brand you are going to buy!

Customers who have purchased Fluorite stone usually try to find out if the stone is fake by heating it or soaking it in water, but we do not recommend it because these methods can spoil the chemical structure of the Fluorite stone. The best way to tell if Fluorite is genuine is to take a MOHS hardness measurement. Thus, you can reach the hardness level of the stone and easily understand whether the Fluorite stone is real. While purchasing your stone, you can request a hardness measurement.

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Who Can Wear Fluorite Stone? Best Compatible Zodiac Signs With Fluorite

These zodiac signs can wear Fluorite stone:

What Are The Best Compatible Chakras With Fluorite Stone?

If you are interested in chakra enhancement Fluorite can help you. Here are the chakras that are compatible with the Fluorite crystal:

  • Heart Chakra
  • Throat Chakra
  • Third Eye Chakra

Which is the ruling planet of Fluorite Crystal?

Every sign has a planet, and every planet has a healing crystal that symbolizes it. The ruling planet of Fluorite is considered Mercury.

What Are The Most Known Benefits Of Fluorite Stone?

The Fluorite natural stone has many benefits. The most well-known Fluorite stone benefits are as follows:

  • Aura cleansing
  • Focus
  • Grounding
  • Protection
  • Success

How To Clean Fluorite stone? Fluorite Care and Cleaning Guide

If you use your Fluorite stone regularly, you must clean (neutralize) it at regular intervals. The cleaning method of each natural stone may be different, some methods may damage your stone. Here are the cleaning methods of the Fluorite stone:

How To Clean?
45 sec
Larger stone
24 hrs
Smoke (Smudging)
30-60 sec
5-10 min
1-2 min

Fluorite Crystal General Specifications

Table of Fluorite Crystal Specifications
๐Ÿ”ฎ StoneFluorite
๐ŸŒˆ ColorsBlue, Green, Purple, Yellow
๐Ÿฆ‚ Compatible ZodiacsCapricorn, Pisces
๐Ÿง˜ Compatible ChakrasHeart, Throat, Third Eye
๐ŸŒ Origin CountriesChina, France, Mongolia, Russia, USA
๐Ÿ”จ Hardness4
๐Ÿช Ruling PlanetMercury
๐Ÿ”ฅ ElementsAir, Water
๐Ÿงน CleaningBreath, Larger stone, Smoke (Smudging), Sound, Visualization
๐Ÿ™ VibesAura cleansing, Focus, Grounding, Protection, Success