Fear Of Being Out Of Phone Contact: Nomophobia Causes & Treatments

Updated: 1/29/2023

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Nomophobia, or โ€œno-mobile-phone-phobia,โ€ is a term used to describe the fear of being without your mobile device or being unable to use it. It is a mental health condition that affects people of all ages, both genders, and all socio-economic backgrounds. People with nomophobia experience feelings of anxiety, panic, and distress when separated from their phone, or when unable to use it for a period of time.

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What Causes Nomophobia?

Nomophobia is often caused by a combination of factors, both internal and external. Internally, it can be caused by a fear of missing out on social activities, a fear of not staying connected with friends and family, or a fear of being disconnected from the world. Externally, it can be caused by the presence of mobile technology in our lives, our reliance on smartphones and other devices, and the prevalence of social media.

What Are the Symptoms of Nomophobia?

The symptoms of nomophobia vary from person to person, but can generally be grouped into physical, psychological, and behavioral categories. Physical symptoms include increased heart rate, increased sweating, and increased breathing rate. Psychological symptoms include feelings of anxiety, fear, and panic. Behavioral symptoms include excessive checking of the phone, compulsive texting, and avoiding conversations or activities that donโ€™t involve the use of a phone.

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How Is Nomophobia Diagnosed?

Nomophobia is generally diagnosed by a mental health professional who takes into account the individualโ€™s symptoms, their feelings about their phone, and the impact the condition is having on their life. The professional might also ask questions about the individualโ€™s phone usage and behavior, such as how often they check their phone and how long they spend using it each day.

How Is Nomophobia Treated?

Treatment for nomophobia is largely focused on helping individual manage their anxiety and reduce their reliance on their phone. This might involve cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or other forms of psychotherapy. It might also involve developing strategies to reduce phone use, such as setting time limits or turning off notifications. In extreme cases, medication may be prescribed.

Strategies for Managing Nomophobia

There are several strategies that can be used to help manage nomophobia, such as:

  • Setting limits on phone use โ€“ Setting limits on the amount of time spent on the phone or the number of times it is checked during the day can help reduce anxiety.
  • Turning off notifications โ€“ Turning off notifications can help reduce the temptation to check the phone, as well as reduce the amount of time spent on it.
  • Taking a break โ€“ Taking regular breaks from the phone, such as during meals or in the evening, can help manage anxiety and reduce reliance on the device.
  • Use of distraction โ€“ Using distraction techniques, such as listening to music or engaging in another activity, can help reduce the urge to check the phone.
  • Minimizing social media use โ€“ Minimizing the amount of time spent on social media can help reduce anxiety and reliance on the device.
  • Seeking help โ€“ Seeking professional help can be beneficial in managing anxiety and reducing reliance on the phone. By implementing these strategies, individuals can reduce their reliance on their phones and manage any associated anxiety. This can help reduce the symptoms of nomophobia and improve their overall mental health.