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Blood Stone Meaning: Benefits & Healing Properties


Bloodstone is a popular semi-precious gemstone known for its deep green color with flecks of red that resemble blood, hence its name. But Bloodstone is more than just a pretty stone; it has been used for centuries for its healing properties and is believed to have powerful energetic qualities. In this article, we’ll explore the history, properties, and uses of Bloodstone, so that you can get the most out of this fascinating gem.

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Bloodstone Crystal General Specifications

🔮 StoneBloodstone
🌈 ColorsGreen, Red
🦂 Compatible ZodiacsAries, Libra, Pisces
🧘 Compatible ChakrasRoot (Base)
🌍 Origin CountriesAustralia, Brazil, China, India, Madagascar, USA
🔨 Hardness6-7
🪐 Ruling PlanetMars
🔥 ElementsEarth
🧹 CleaningBreath, Larger stone, Smoke (Smudging), Sound, Visualization
🙏 VibesAbundance, Aura cleansing, Feminine energy, Grounding, Luck, Spirituality

What Is Bloodstone?

Bloodstone has been used for thousands of years, with evidence of its use dating back to ancient civilizations such as the Babylonians, Egyptians, and Greeks. In ancient times, Bloodstone was believed to have the power to heal wounds and was often used as a talisman to protect against evil. The stone was also thought to have the power to increase physical strength and vitality, making it popular among warriors and athletes.

Properties of Bloodstone

Bloodstone is a type of Chalcedony, a mineral that is part of the Quartz family. It is composed of green Chalcedony with red inclusions of iron oxide or hematite, which give it its distinctive appearance. Bloodstone is a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it a relatively hard and durable stone.

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How to Use Bloodstone for Healing?

Bloodstone has long been associated with the healing of physical and emotional wounds. It is believed to have a grounding and calming effect, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. The stone is also thought to have the power to cleanse and purify the body, making it a popular choice for use in crystal healing and meditation.

In addition to its physical healing properties, Bloodstone is also said to have spiritual properties that can help to balance the energies of the body and improve overall well-being. It is believed to have a strong connection to the Earth, helping to ground and protect the user.

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The Benefits of Using Bloodstone

Bloodstone can be used in a variety of ways to harness its healing properties. One of the most popular uses is in jewelry, where the stone is often set into pendants, earrings, and bracelets. Wearing Bloodstone close to the skin allows its energy to work directly on the body, helping to balance and protect the wearer.

Bloodstone can also be used in crystal healing, where it is placed on the body or in a room to promote healing and protection. The stone can be placed on the root chakra to help ground and stabilize the user, or on the heart chakra to promote love and compassion.

In addition to its physical and spiritual benefits, Bloodstone is also a popular choice for use in meditation and manifestation practices. The stone is believed to have a powerful energy that can help to focus the mind and promote clarity, making it easier to connect with the subconscious and manifest desires.

What Is Bloodstone Good For?

Bloodstone is a fascinating gemstone with a rich history and a multitude of healing properties. Whether you’re looking to harness its energy for physical or emotional healing, or simply want to add its unique beauty to your jewelry collection, Bloodstone is a powerful and versatile stone that is well worth exploring.

Is Bloodstone Stone Harmful?

The Bloodstone stone has no known harmful or toxic properties. For this reason, you can use it safely by contacting your skin. If you have the Bloodstone  stone in small pieces, we recommend that you keep it safely, as there is a risk of it being swallowed by children and pets.

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How to Identify the Original Bloodstone Stone?

The most reliable way to understand whether the Bloodstone stone is real is to evaluate it in a laboratory. We recommend that you buy Bloodstone stone from a reliable and reputable dealer, as this is often a laborious and expensive way. Do not forget to look up the product reviews of the brand you are going to buy!

Customers who have purchased Bloodstone stone usually try to find out if the stone is fake by heating it or soaking it in water, but we do not recommend it because these methods can spoil the chemical structure of the Bloodstone stone. The best way to tell if Bloodstone is genuine is to take a MOHS hardness measurement. Thus, you can reach the hardness level of the stone and easily understand whether the Bloodstone stone is real. While purchasing your stone, you can request a hardness measurement.

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Who Can Wear Bloodstone Stone? Best Compatible Zodiac Signs With Bloodstone

These zodiac signs can wear Bloodstone stone:

What Are The Best Compatible Chakras With Bloodstone Stone?

If you are interested in chakra enhancement Bloodstone can help you. Here are the chakras that are compatible with the Bloodstone crystal:

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  • Root (Base) Chakra

Which is the ruling planet of Bloodstone Crystal?

Every sign has a planet, and every planet has a healing crystal that symbolizes it. The ruling planet of Bloodstone is considered Mars.

What Are The Most Known Benefits Of Bloodstone Stone?

The Bloodstone natural stone has many benefits. The most well-known Bloodstone stone benefits are as follows:

  • Abundance
  • Aura cleansing
  • Feminine energy
  • Grounding
  • Luck
  • Spirituality

How To Clean Bloodstone stone? Bloodstone Care and Cleaning Guide

If you use your Bloodstone stone regularly, you must clean (neutralize) it at regular intervals. The cleaning method of each natural stone may be different, some methods may damage your stone. Here are the cleaning methods of the Bloodstone stone:

Breath45 sec
Larger stone24 hrs
Smoke (Smudging)30-60 sec
Sound5-10 min
Visualization1-2 min


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