Aquarius Man: Traits, Personality, Compatible Crystals

aquarius zodiac sign

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Summary Traits

🌙 SignAquarius
📅 DatesJanuary 20 – February 18
📍 Icon♒️
🌈 Lucky ColorsBlue, Gray, Purple, White
🔮 Compatible CrystalsAmber, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Fuchsite, Turquoise, Clear Quartz, Rutilated Quartz
🪐 Ruling PlanetSaturn, Uranus
🔥 ElementsAir
🏠 House11th House
👁 Latin MottoBenefacta (Friendship)

Aquarius Man Characteristics

The Aquarius man is officially a closed box, you have to put in a lot of effort to understand him. It is difficult to predict the next move of the Aquarius man, as they approach things from a completely different angle. While you were dealing with a giant problem and struggling, you realized that the Aquarius man had already solved that problem and moved on to solving the next one. It takes its practicality from its planet, Saturn. He makes plans while everyone else in the environment is living in the moment. Do you call it sneaky or clever, you decide.

Positive Traits of Aquarius Man

  • Likes to take shortcuts, practical
  • Pays attention to details
  • A good storyteller

Negative Traits of Aquarius Man

  • Can do too many roles
  • Too introverted, can’t tell if he’s happy or unhappy
  • Skeptical and perfectionist

Love Life of Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man is always full of uncertainties in his love life. You can’t tell if he is happy or sad at that moment because he acts so well. Because of acting, he always experiences both his sadness and his joy. If you want to make him happy, give him the opportunity to solve his problems, don’t push it. Because the Aquarius man makes good plans, he can handle difficult situations himself. That’s why it’s good for him to do some things alone.

Business Life of Aquarius Man

In business life, the Aquarius man is the person who always handles difficult situations with the effect of practicality. For this reason, it is loved by both colleagues and managers. His success is actually a result of his personality.

Aquarius Man Sexuality and Sexual Life

Sex life is a mystery for the Aquarius man. The Aquarius man, who likes to plan, wants to use the same feature in his sexual life. Your sudden desire for love may not be fulfilled because at that moment the Aquarius man has made another plan and things that develop unplanned will not make him very happy. So let him plan it and you have fun.

Can Aquarius Use All Natural Stones?

Aquarius men and women can use all natural stones, there is no problem in this regard, but using healing crystals compatible with the zodiac sign will enable you to benefit from the energy of your stone better, more stable and more efficiently. You can find your compatible crystals on this page.

What Is Aquarius Birth Day? Aquarius Zodiac Dates

Generally, those born between January 20 – February 18 can assume their sun sign to be Aquarius. However, this may not be definitive as the sun moves between signs from year to year. Although people often refer to themselves by their sun sign, it is only one element of a natal chart.

Nonetheless, this detail can shape one’s core identity, personal style, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Aquarius Colours For Luck, Love, And Success

Like every sign, Aquarius has lucky colors. It is believed that these colors will bring luck, love, and success to the Aquarius that uses it. Aquarius lucky colors:

  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Purple
  • White

What Element Is Aquarius?

If you have been consulting your horoscope, you may have come across the terms ‘earth sign’ or ‘air sign.’ Astrology comprises four elements: fire, earth, air, and water. The Aquarius also has an element. Each of the twelve zodiac signs belongs to one of these elements, meaning that three signs are associated with the same element. Aquarius sign’s element is Air.

What Healing Crystals Can Aquarius Sign Use? Healing Crystals Compatible with Aquarius

Crystal selection can be made according to many criteria. You don’t have to use healing crystals compatible with your zodiac sign, but using healing crystal compatible with your zodiac sign allows you to better benefit from the energy of the stone. Healing crystals compatible with Aquarius:

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