About Us

🔎 Searching for our soul:

We had an idea 💡

We wanted to show people that what is natural, and what comes from nature is sacred. Before we shared it with our loved ones, we rolled up our sleeves and created the Hello Minaste brand to bring what comes from the heart to more people.

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💰 For better quality service at a lower price:

We have developed a sustainable business model 🚜

We were not buying and selling. We managed all business processes ourselves to produce, differentiate and touch the spirit. We carried out all processes such as in-house product development, logistics, software, export, design, and marketing.

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🌈 To be original:

We started the natural gift concept 🎁

We wanted to be an alternative to people who are bored with chocolate bouquets that come out broken, sad teddy bears holding hearts in their mouths, and gift boxes prepared like a grocery store. We are here for those who want to give gifts from nature!


We grew up like a baby 👼

We operate in 21 countries and sell in many marketplaces such as Trendyol, HopiShop, Vivense, and Etsy with very high customer satisfaction and quality scores, unlike others. To be worthy of our motto ‘as if they are ready for someone we love’, We make all our products with love and pack them with care!

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